Open Carry Activists – Pushing too far

Link to my source:  Open Carry Activists. | Mad Ogre.

Let me say firstly that I support open carry.  I live in SC where open carry is not allowed.  I know the open vs. concealed carry debate will rage on forever, I choose not to get involved in the raging battle about which is better.  What I do feel strongly about is that I should have the choice!  I feel that both have a place in society.  I would be wonderful on a hot and humid day to be able to hip carry a full frame pistol on my belt in shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops.  Sadly in SC that is not possible unless I’m in my own yard.  I’m in the same boat as many Americans that when the weather gets too warm for an oversized jacket or extra shirt that if I want to carry I either sweat and bear the additional clothing, or relegate my self defense to a tiny, inaccurate, miniature pistol.

That being said, I personally fee that carrying an AR15 at port arms into Chipotle for lunch just for the shock effect is a bit over the top.  They have accomplished nothing to further any cause other than birth control.  Hell, even in a combat zone we would sling the rifle on our backs to go into chow halls or other places we weren’t planning to clear a room.  Just like all these videos on YouTube where people go through endless amounts of effort to get the police called on them and then give the cops grief for trying to do their jobs.  There is a vast difference between legal and socially acceptable.  Open carrying a pistol for self defense to me is acceptable.  Open carrying a pistol or rifle for the purpose of intentionally making the general population uncomfortable or inciting panic is disturbing the peace.  The goontard on the right with is rifle at the ready would make me have a hand on my pistol and ready to go.  After 17 years in the military and some time in the sandbox, posture plays a large role in my threat assessment, and dipshit’s posture is aggressive.  Most of the open carry douchebags are carrying empty weapons to remain within the law, so how the hell are they doing that for any purpose other than the attention.  This type of publicity and attention is not the type we need.  I will participate in furthering our rights as gun owners, but all it takes is a minimal amount of thought to understand how your actions can help or hurt a cause.

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Heizer Defense PAR1 (Pocket AR)

Link to manufacturer site:  Heizer Defense – Tactical Firearms Manufacturing.

Caution, their site is about as useful as this pistol will be.

They are producing a single shot, breech action, snub nose pocket pistol chambered in .223 Rem.  I’ve yet to figure out why.  They are claiming almost 1500 FPS from a 55grain projectile.  I would also assume it is equally used as a flame thrower once the bullet leaves the miniature barrel.

Standard .223 Rem ammunition is designed to burn for about 21″ of barrel.  Hence why current carbine length AR15’s with 16″ barrels produce such a muzzle flash.  This should be infinitely brighter and I also hypothesize extremely loud.

This came to light after someone who works there said maybe we could sale some of these single shot breech .410/.45LC if we converted them to .223Rem!  I don’t see a market for either.

I don’t have a problem with pocket pistols.  Carry them myself sometimes for convenience, however I choose to carry a pocket pistol that hold more than a single round, and is capable of firing that round without incapacitating myself.

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Brass vs. Steel Cased Ammo – An Epic Torture Test

Brass vs. Steel Cased Ammo – An Epic Torture Test.

Just read this write up on lucky gunner.  This is the most comprehensive, detailed, and with the methodology: accurate test of the sort I have seen.

I recommend reading the article by anyone with an AR-15.  I would expect the same results to hold true looking at steel cased pistol ammo.  For the barrel wear etc in a pistol should mimic the results found in a rifle.

It would be interesting to see the same test completed using AK or SKS rifles to see how they fair with the still cased, alloy jacketed rounds.  Since that is by far the most available ammunition for that type of rifle.  I would expect the same results, but would still be interesting to confirm.

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New York Times spoils story fabricated by Moms Demand Action

Apparently MDA attempted to use the actions of a pro open carry group in Texas to create panic and fear that was never panic and fear.

Open-Carry Texas members participated in an open carry demonstration near a Jack in the Box.  Naturally when hungry and thirsty they utilized the services of said Jack in the Box.

MDA used the event to spin a fabricated story that the employees feared for their lives, hid in the freezer, and the scene was responded to with dozens of law enforcement officers who rescued the employees from the crazed weapon carriers.

Based off the photos that the employees took with the armed citizens, and Jack in the Box’s official response to NYT that no one hid in the freezer, it appears the entire incident was never an incident at all.

Either MDA needs more reliable sources of intel, or just more intelligence over all.  I was a soldier for 17 years, I feel all Americans have the right to their own opinion even if it differs from my opinion.

I generally feel that I should respect other’s opinion provided it is not imposed on me.  MDA is really starting to get to me.  If they have a problem with firearms, they should not buy them.  They do NOT have the right to infringe on my rights and impose their dislike of something in a manner in which it prevents me.  From absolute closed mindedness, to outright deception, these ladies are really blurring the line of sensibility and respect for others.

Source of my ravings here:  NYT Busts Bloomberg Anti-Gun Group For Fabricating Open Carry Texas Story | The Dana Show.

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Newsflash: US Service Members vote against pay cut!

Survey: Nine in 10 Troops Oppose Cuts to Pay, BAH |

Hard to believe right?  I have to say it would be a bit obvious that the men and women would prefer to get a better compensation than not.  The poll also reveals that 96% surveyed disagree with Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps in that compensation, benefits and retirement benefits are not on the mind of Marines.  I can’t speak for the individual Marines, but compensation, benefits, and retirement were all part of my decision to become a soldier.  Don’t get me wrong, I felt obligated to pay a societal debt and do my part for the greater good, but earning a living and long term planning were definitely part of the decision.  It amazes me how someone who has made it to that position, could be so ungrounded and assuming that all the men and women below him were cattle going through the motions without any self serving thoughts such as cost of living pay increase, and better long term benefits of spending a lifetime in military service.


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Appauling view of gun rights activists courtesy of David Frum

Why Gun-Rights Backers Win While Other Conservative Causes Lose – David Frum – The Atlantic.

I read this article after finding it on  Link to their post here.

I found it difficult to read the entire article.  When reading the article it was as if I could feel my IQ dropping with each sentence that entered my brain.  How dare we use common sense, logic, and facts to backup our political views and the hobbies we participate in.  I feel dumber for having read the article, so please excuse any mistakes in this article as I am writing directly after reading Mr. Frum’s gushing fountain of ignorance.

So biggest message is that pro gun legislation and support is directly related to racism as all gun toting, card carrying, good ole boys are southern Caucasian racists and have found a way to be racist in a semi-acceptable manner.  Since this is typed I won’t repeat it, but I bet you do read it again.

I’m dumbfounded.  I’m not sure how to respond to this article because it is so absurd I’m not sure how to respond in a language that would be understood by the author.  Reading the article makes it clear that facts and logic will not sway his opinion.

Let’s do a quick skim play by play:

  •  Start’s out with a few backhanded compliments.  Lists some major political triumphs, but does so in a way that is offensive.
  • Here we go with all the numbers, of which I can find no reliable source.  Anti-gunners always have tons of these statistics that I take with a grain of salt because I have yet to have one give me the source that isn’t another anti-gunner that is regurgitating what he heard from another.  Never a definitive source of data that provides enough information to validate the results.  I want to see the exact survey or study, who the sample group is and how large, what the controls were, and the method.  If I go to a gun store and conduct a survey, my results would differ from those at a pacifist group hug.  To get accurate results I would need to survey an unbiased sample.  Both the supporters, those against, and those who aren’t neck deep in either view.  Preferably a very large sample, as the larger the sample group, the more accurate the results. End rant!
  • He does link to this Gallup Poll.  Here is an excellent example of skewed reporting.  The poll is from 2005, in which 1012 adults age 18 or higher are the entire sample group.  In 2005 the American population was reported as 295.52 million.  I wanted to find the population of over age 18, but didn’t come up with it in the first few minutes of research,  so we will just use total population.  Let’s do some math, this is where we will lose the anti gunners as this will produce a fact!  1012 out of 295,520,000 people is a sample group of 0.0003% of Americans.  Well, that should accurately reflect the entirety of Americans, Right?  Gallup estimates a possible error rate of ±3%.  Words escape me.  How were the sample group picked.  Were they all business cards from some conference?  Without ensuring an equal diversity in those selected for survey in appropriate ratios to how those diversities align with the population, the results hold much less accuracy than a ±3% error rate.
  • So, using whatever data supports his opinion, gun owners are a tiny portion of Americans that somehow manipulate policy and legislation.  I find it hard to believe that gun ownership is dropping at the indicated rates when gun sales are at an unbelievable  high.  Oh here it is, 6% of Americans own 65% of all firearms in America.  I can’t swallow this one either.  I know there are many shooters that have far superior income than I, and as such have a larger collection of things that boom.  I can’t believe there are so many with personal arsenals of more firepower than a small country, that would make this statement true.
  • Many quotes from LaPierre, while indication how racially neutral the comments are, only to indicate this is what makes them racist.  So by not having the racist overtone that all white Americans must have, he is the secret leader of the racist movement disguised as free Americans seeking to get closer to real freedom, or at least not be further oppressed.  I wonder if Colion Noir is a gun rights activist because he follows LaPierre’s imaginary racist agenda?
  • Microstamping, more of this insane nonsense.  Why would the NRA oppose microstamping that would assist police in tracing ammunition?  Mostly because it is an unrealistic technology that doesn’t work, and is being used to covertly infringe on the rights of Americans.  I’m certain that all criminals in possession of a firearm, that intends to use it in a crime would instantly run and purchase a firing pin that supports microstamping, and register said pin with law enforcement.  More likely, some would figure out that if they go to their local range they can pick up some brass fired by those forced into servitude by an absurd ordinance that have microstamping pistols, and seed the crime seen with said brass.  Can anyone see the benefit of getting the police to focus on someone other than the criminal?

That’s all of it I can stand to review.  Feel free to read the article, but prepare for brain numbing idiocy.

Authored By Halon330 Remember, I'm not crazy, just extremely sincere!