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Deputy Assaults Citizen for Exercising the Fourth Amendment!

I first saw this a few days ago, and apologize for the delay in posting.

When I first saw this I was shocked at how blatant and commonplace this type of act appears to be for this officer.  This is the story as best as I can tell.

The two citizens were not in the vehicle when the Police became aware of a rifle in the back seat of the car.  The officers waited for the two men to come back to the car.  Once they arrived at the car SGT Shawn Glans demanded to search the car.  When the citizen respectfully declined the search, the officer becomes belligerent, scans the area to see who might be watching, then physically assaults the citizen, followed by verbally assaulting the other citizen.

I was shocked.  Just another day in Saratoga County.  I couldn’t imagine how difficult and degrading it was to the gentleman to be in that situation.  I personally would actively and aggressively pursue criminal charges against former deputy Glans.

Since the incident went public, Glans has resigned both his position at the Saratoga County Sheriff’s office, and his part time job at South Glen Falls Police Dept.  He has also been criminally charged with multiple charges including official misconduct and harassment.

I wasn’t there during the confrontation.  I didn’t witness anything prior to the start of the video, but if this event is what it appears to be from the limited information I have, I hope he is punished to the fullest extent.  Abuse of authority undermines the effectiveness of law enforcement, creates mistrust from the community, and make the job near impossible for honest cops to do their jobs.

Video Below:

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New machine guns may be available again!

I’ve been following a phenomenon for awhile now, and it appears things are going in a great direction.  With the allowance of unincorporated trusts to own items that fall under NFA purview, determinations on key definitions seemingly have created an opportunity for new full auto weapons to be owned by trusts.  Although since 1986 the NFA has prevented all new full auto weapons to only be made for government use, causing Americans to trade around only the weapons that were legally manufactured, owned and registered prior to passage of NFA in 1986.

Recently a gentleman submitted a Form 1 to create a new machine gun owned by his trust, which by ATF definition is not a person but an entity and not subject to the same requirements as a person.  His tax stamp was approved.  Now the ATF is backpedaling a bit and the gentleman is going to fight the good fight for all of our benefits.

I am going to immediately submit a form 1 for the creation of a new full auto weapon and see where it goes.  I’m almost certain it will be disapproved initially, but depending on how the court case goes that denial may be overturned.  I am also going to donate to the legal fund.  Since this fight would benefit all gun enthusiasts I strongly urge anyone who can to follow suit.

All the details on the ongoing battle can be found in this thread on

Details on how to submit a form 1 are here.  Note you will need a firearm that you are willing to convert.  You have to have the firearm’s details as part of the submission.  Also, you will need to have an NFA gun trust.  You can find assistance setting up a trust from many lawyers or online services. is fairly common and competitively priced.

To donate to the legal fund, please go here.  I cannot stress how helpful any amount you could contribute would be.  A win on this would plummet the cost of existing transferable machine guns, and make the cost of new ones just an extra $100-$200 above current costs.  If would enable the average gun owner to enjoy the same freedoms as those with much higher disposable income levels.  As most full auto transferable weapons are currently running at minimum $15,000 to $20,000.

Maybe is we can get a win here it will pave way for ridding ourselves of the NFA.  I cannot see that it does anything to improve the safety of Americans.  The items are still available, it just increases the cost and availability of many items.  I see no reason that suppressors should be regulated so strictly.  I would love to be able to deer hunt without deafening myself.



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Arkansas Firing Range Bans Muslims

I first heard about this on Bearing Arms.  BA is another blog I read daily.  The post I read was written by Bob Owens and can be read here: After Oklahoma Beheading and ISIS Threats, Arkansas Firing Range Become First To Exclude Muslims – Bearing Arms.

I posted a short version of my thoughts in the comments and have been blasted by all sorts ever since.  I haven’t rebutted in his comments as the comments seem to be getting somewhat out of hand.  I’ll try to elaborate on my opinion more here, without this turning into a novel.

The range is owned by Jan Morgan.  She sites several reasons why she will no longer allow Muslims to utilize her range.  Including a story where two men who only spoke broken English came in and rented firearms.  She states she was so nervous she stood behind them the entire time with hand on pistol.  What I don’t have a problem with is her not feeling comfortable renting firearms to, allowing range time to, or selling products to any individual who in her opinion is a threat to her safety or anyone else’s safety.  The keyword here is individual.  If something about an individual doesn’t seem right, then use your judgement and make the safe call.

On the other hand what I do have a problem with is labeling an entire group because of the actions of a few.  She also cites many events that involved Muslims.  There have been plenty of sad moments in history that involved disturbed individuals from many religious backgrounds, ethnicity, race, or any other form of lumping people together.

So know to how I justify my opinion.  I believe most anyone who reads the same blogs I do, anyone here reading this blog, are true Americans.  We believe strongly in the freedoms and liberties protected by the Bill of Rights.  That being said, as strongly as we feel about the second amendment, how can we ignore the others?  I can’t!  For me it is ll of none.  I took an oath to protect these freedoms and individual liberty.  We all know the 2nd amendment, the right to keep and bear arms.  I daily try to further and stand behind the right of Americans to arms themselves for self defense, sport, or any other productive use of firearms.  So in the same spirit why should I not hold that the 1st amendment is not just as important.  The first amendment protects freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition.  Notice that says freedom of religion.

I guarantee you that people wouldn’t be rallying around this woman if she was Muslim and  announced she would refuse service to any Christian that walked through the door.  I promise you there are plenty of wackos, cults, and sects that use a distorted form of Christianity to push their own agenda with or without violence.  Just off the top of my head I can name two that are very prominent and I’m just waiting for the day ether of them finally cross that line.

First up, the group everyone loves to hate, Westboro Baptist Church.  These guys really make my blood boil.  Nice Christian group, still welcome at the range!



Another group worthy of mentioning, Martyrs for Christ.  Picture is of their leader.  Guy is super special.  Ever on the fence about hollowing out your head with a .45, just watch a few of this guys videos on youtube and you will most likely choose to eat a bullet.  There is a video of each of their members on youtube proclaiming how they would be honored to be a martyr for Christ.  Pretty self explanatory.  Want access to firearms and firearms training, come on down!  Nice trustworthy Christians.



Now am I stating that everyone that is Muslim is a nice upstanding person.  No, not at all.  I’m just saying that not all Muslims are Jihad crazed loons following an extremist ideology.  Just like not all people of other denominations are all the same, or have the same beliefs.  Should Jan Morgan have the right to refuse service in her establishment? Absolutely!  Should her and her employees have the right to determine if a potential customer doesn’t seem fit either physically or mentally to use her facility? Absolutely!  Is using and perpetuating a stereotype and applying blanket discrimination to an entire religion acceptable to me or by the freedoms granted to Americans?  In my opinion, no!

One last point I made in my comments on Bearing Arms, was that there are US service members and veterans that are Muslim.  Using google to dig up some numbers, DOD states that approximately 20,000 current service members religious preference is Muslim.  It is estimated that 10,000+ on top of that 20,000 are Muslim, but chose No Religious Preference to avoid discrimination.  This is only current personnel, and these numbers don’t extend to those veterans who have since separated.  So my question was, if a US Soldier who fought for our country, and the rights he/she is supposed to have, has no prior knowledge of this discrimination goes to Mrs. Morgan’s place of business, would he/she be turned away for being Muslim?


Here are a couple of links to articles that Jan herself has written justifying her point of view.




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Beretta USA announces move to TN

Beretta has already started an expansion to a new facility being built in TN.  This was originally stated to only be for new expansions.  The manufacturer has now decided to move all manufacturing from MD to TN.

Some of last years anti-gun legislation is cited as the cause.


Press release is here:

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White House Petitions for Changes to NFA

I have lost all faith in the current administration to act on the demands of citizens.  I know that is the basic principle our once great nation was founded on.  I just no longer have faith.  I do however support what these petitions are requesting, have signed them, and hope you will as well.

Remove the need for citizens to register a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) with the ATF, paying a $200 tax stamp.

Remove suppressors as an NFA regulated item.

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Moms using kids

I found this while reading  I wish I could say it was surprising to find that these moms use their kids for props, but in naming all of their organizations they use the term Mom rather than women in an attempt to garner more of the humanistic nature of how mothers are characterized and related to their children.

This is a really eye opening video of exactly what these children are to their mothers.  They were filmed directing how to best use their children for maximum impact!



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Everytown Gun Control Speaker Apparently Caught In A Lie About Airport Spitting Incident – Bearing Arms

Link to source here:  Everytown Gun Control Speaker Apparently Caught In A Lie About Airport Spitting Incident – Bearing Arms.

It appears that Jennifer Longdon, in an effort to make out gun owners to be insensitive monsters, has fabricated a not so well thought out story that has been since been revealed to be a farce.

After leaving an Everytown Gun Control Rally, Jennifer Longdon claims to have been verbally assaulted and spit upon in an airport.  Now I don’t know about all of you, but if I did decide I was going to assault someone, an airport terminal wouldn’t be my first choice.  Very few places on earth with that type of rigid security.

It amazes me the length these people will go for attention and the lack of maturity.  There is no rhyme or reason to any of there actions so why is it so unexpected that their arguments follow such an illogical path.

I can only imagine if some of these gun control nuts get pulled over by LE in a traffic stop.

Officer: “Ma’am, I have you on radar doing 55 mph in a 35 mph zone”
Everytown Mom: “Officer, there is no way I could possibly be going that fast because you’re wearing a black shirt”
Officer: “Ma’am, I don’t believe the color of my shirt has any effect on the speed you were driving!”
Everytown Mom: “Then your stupid”
Everytown Mom: Drives off like a bat out of hell because she believes the officer bought it because she said it was so.

Then the helicopter shows up.
This example has to be what is going on inside these peoples heads.  Doesn’t matter if the ignorance they spew makes any sense, they repeat it until it becomes real to them.

Imagined stories, imagined statistics to support their views.  Always fact check.  Hell, fact check something even if it supports your views!



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Open Carry Activists – Pushing too far

Link to my source:  Open Carry Activists. | Mad Ogre.

Let me say firstly that I support open carry.  I live in SC where open carry is not allowed.  I know the open vs. concealed carry debate will rage on forever, I choose not to get involved in the raging battle about which is better.  What I do feel strongly about is that I should have the choice!  I feel that both have a place in society.  I would be wonderful on a hot and humid day to be able to hip carry a full frame pistol on my belt in shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops.  Sadly in SC that is not possible unless I’m in my own yard.  I’m in the same boat as many Americans that when the weather gets too warm for an oversized jacket or extra shirt that if I want to carry I either sweat and bear the additional clothing, or relegate my self defense to a tiny, inaccurate, miniature pistol.

That being said, I personally fee that carrying an AR15 at port arms into Chipotle for lunch just for the shock effect is a bit over the top.  They have accomplished nothing to further any cause other than birth control.  Hell, even in a combat zone we would sling the rifle on our backs to go into chow halls or other places we weren’t planning to clear a room.  Just like all these videos on YouTube where people go through endless amounts of effort to get the police called on them and then give the cops grief for trying to do their jobs.  There is a vast difference between legal and socially acceptable.  Open carrying a pistol for self defense to me is acceptable.  Open carrying a pistol or rifle for the purpose of intentionally making the general population uncomfortable or inciting panic is disturbing the peace.  The goontard on the right with is rifle at the ready would make me have a hand on my pistol and ready to go.  After 17 years in the military and some time in the sandbox, posture plays a large role in my threat assessment, and dipshit’s posture is aggressive.  Most of the open carry douchebags are carrying empty weapons to remain within the law, so how the hell are they doing that for any purpose other than the attention.  This type of publicity and attention is not the type we need.  I will participate in furthering our rights as gun owners, but all it takes is a minimal amount of thought to understand how your actions can help or hurt a cause.

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New York Times spoils story fabricated by Moms Demand Action

Apparently MDA attempted to use the actions of a pro open carry group in Texas to create panic and fear that was never panic and fear.

Open-Carry Texas members participated in an open carry demonstration near a Jack in the Box.  Naturally when hungry and thirsty they utilized the services of said Jack in the Box.

MDA used the event to spin a fabricated story that the employees feared for their lives, hid in the freezer, and the scene was responded to with dozens of law enforcement officers who rescued the employees from the crazed weapon carriers.

Based off the photos that the employees took with the armed citizens, and Jack in the Box’s official response to NYT that no one hid in the freezer, it appears the entire incident was never an incident at all.

Either MDA needs more reliable sources of intel, or just more intelligence over all.  I was a soldier for 17 years, I feel all Americans have the right to their own opinion even if it differs from my opinion.

I generally feel that I should respect other’s opinion provided it is not imposed on me.  MDA is really starting to get to me.  If they have a problem with firearms, they should not buy them.  They do NOT have the right to infringe on my rights and impose their dislike of something in a manner in which it prevents me.  From absolute closed mindedness, to outright deception, these ladies are really blurring the line of sensibility and respect for others.

Source of my ravings here:  NYT Busts Bloomberg Anti-Gun Group For Fabricating Open Carry Texas Story | The Dana Show.

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