Deputy Assaults Citizen for Exercising the Fourth Amendment!

I first saw this a few days ago, and apologize for the delay in posting.

When I first saw this I was shocked at how blatant and commonplace this type of act appears to be for this officer.  This is the story as best as I can tell.

The two citizens were not in the vehicle when the Police became aware of a rifle in the back seat of the car.  The officers waited for the two men to come back to the car.  Once they arrived at the car SGT Shawn Glans demanded to search the car.  When the citizen respectfully declined the search, the officer becomes belligerent, scans the area to see who might be watching, then physically assaults the citizen, followed by verbally assaulting the other citizen.

I was shocked.  Just another day in Saratoga County.  I couldn’t imagine how difficult and degrading it was to the gentleman to be in that situation.  I personally would actively and aggressively pursue criminal charges against former deputy Glans.

Since the incident went public, Glans has resigned both his position at the Saratoga County Sheriff’s office, and his part time job at South Glen Falls Police Dept.  He has also been criminally charged with multiple charges including official misconduct and harassment.

I wasn’t there during the confrontation.  I didn’t witness anything prior to the start of the video, but if this event is what it appears to be from the limited information I have, I hope he is punished to the fullest extent.  Abuse of authority undermines the effectiveness of law enforcement, creates mistrust from the community, and make the job near impossible for honest cops to do their jobs.

Video Below:

Authored By Halon330 Remember, I'm not crazy, just extremely sincere!

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