Gander Mountain Rant!

So I found this little gem from the internet on TFB.  Link to TFB article here:   Customer Experience at Gander Mountain – The Firearm Blog.

I almost fell out of my chair laughing at this guy.  Many valuable points about where big box retail has taken gun sales.  I often find myself in one of the giant stores because of the large inventory they have that I can handle and lust over.  Then the guy that handed me the firearm opens his pie hole.  I try to spend my money at locally owned smaller stores.  Many times they have to order my particular desire, but it keeps the money local, and the additional service associated with the mom and pop stores makes it worth the short weight and sometimes additional cost.

Either way, enjoy this guys rant about the idiocy he encountered at a Gander Mountain.

Authored By Halon330 Remember, I'm not crazy, just extremely sincere!

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