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Heizer Defense PAR1 (Pocket AR)

Link to manufacturer site:  Heizer Defense – Tactical Firearms Manufacturing.

Caution, their site is about as useful as this pistol will be.

They are producing a single shot, breech action, snub nose pocket pistol chambered in .223 Rem.  I’ve yet to figure out why.  They are claiming almost 1500 FPS from a 55grain projectile.  I would also assume it is equally used as a flame thrower once the bullet leaves the miniature barrel.

Standard .223 Rem ammunition is designed to burn for about 21″ of barrel.  Hence why current carbine length AR15’s with 16″ barrels produce such a muzzle flash.  This should be infinitely brighter and I also hypothesize extremely loud.

This came to light after someone who works there said maybe we could sale some of these single shot breech .410/.45LC if we converted them to .223Rem!  I don’t see a market for either.

I don’t have a problem with pocket pistols.  Carry them myself sometimes for convenience, however I choose to carry a pocket pistol that hold more than a single round, and is capable of firing that round without incapacitating myself.

Authored By Halon330 Remember, I'm not crazy, just extremely sincere!