US Airways Under Attack for Treatment of Soldier

It appears a US Airways Flight Attendant refused to hang up this soldier’s jacket, citing policy.  Fair enough, he was in coach and apparently that is too much to ask for when flying coach.  Not a huge problem in my opinion.  What I believe ruffled the feathers of the other passengers, is the Flight Attendant was belligerent in her response and attitude towards the soldier.

What I would like to give props to the FSG is the humble attitude he approached the situation with.  It is often that when people find out about my service I am thanked for serving and the sacrifices that come along with that service.  I often times feel slightly awkward in accepting that thanks.  None of the individuals who thank me influenced or coerced me into military service.  I feel that the general public owes me nothing.  However I’m sure all of us have served have seen the service members that do possess that sense of entitlement.  There was one officer in my unit that all of us hated to travel with for any reason.  Everywhere you went he was making a spectacle of trying to get this for free, or that for free, using the I’m a poor soldier and you owe it to me.  It was absurd to expect what he expected.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate any military or veteran discount offered by any business, but do not expect it, or feel offended if it is not offered.

The US military is a volunteer organization.  Those who serve generally do so because the feel a desire to be part of something bigger than an individual.  I can’t tell you at what point in my life I decided to enter the military, because as far back as I can remember it was something I was inclined to.  My friends and I spent countless hours in the surrounding woods with our BB and pellet guns building forts to defend and capture.

Back on point, many of the first class passengers offered this soldier their seat in first class.  These Americans with the means to pay a higher rate for more comfort and better service from the airline offered the soldier their seat.  They were willing to move back to cattle class while paying the higher rate, so this soldier and his uniform could fly in comfort, wrinkle free.  The soldier, being humble and obviously not the entitled type, thanked the passengers for their offer and calmly remained in coach.

It was not the soldier who has complained to media and the airlines about the Flight Attendant being rude and belligerent, but the passengers on the plane.  These passengers felt so strongly about the attitude given by the Flight Attendant that they have caused quite a stir.

So I give kudos all around.  To the soldier for remaining respectful and humble, and the passengers for caring about the treatment of an American Soldier.

Authored By Halon330 Remember, I'm not crazy, just extremely sincere!

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