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Wilson Combat Announces Custom Beretta® 92/96 Work and Accessories

Wilson Combat | Custom Beretta® 92/96 Work and Accessories.

Wilson combat announced they are getting into the Beretta 92/96 market.  They have a full offering of parts and custom work available.  Wilson Combat is known for quality and innovation.  I’m certain this will produce some handsome guns that operate flawlessly.  Can’t wait to see some of these start showing up in shops and shows so I can drool over them.

I was never a true believer in the M9 until I was issued one for use in Afghanistan.  Even in that powdery dust bowl the M9 was always reliable and accurate.  First thing I bought when I got home was an M9.  It’s a great platform and my only complaint to this day is as with any other DA/SA pistol.  The stiff DA first shot.  Some work and spring changes can greatly reduce that first trigger pull, and until I started shooting Springfield XDm’s that was the norm for me.  Although I use XDm for competitions and most of my drills, I still love to take my M9 out for a range day.

Authored By Halon330 Remember, I'm not crazy, just extremely sincere!

New York Times spoils story fabricated by Moms Demand Action

Apparently MDA attempted to use the actions of a pro open carry group in Texas to create panic and fear that was never panic and fear.

Open-Carry Texas members participated in an open carry demonstration near a Jack in the Box.  Naturally when hungry and thirsty they utilized the services of said Jack in the Box.

MDA used the event to spin a fabricated story that the employees feared for their lives, hid in the freezer, and the scene was responded to with dozens of law enforcement officers who rescued the employees from the crazed weapon carriers.

Based off the photos that the employees took with the armed citizens, and Jack in the Box’s official response to NYT that no one hid in the freezer, it appears the entire incident was never an incident at all.

Either MDA needs more reliable sources of intel, or just more intelligence over all.  I was a soldier for 17 years, I feel all Americans have the right to their own opinion even if it differs from my opinion.

I generally feel that I should respect other’s opinion provided it is not imposed on me.  MDA is really starting to get to me.  If they have a problem with firearms, they should not buy them.  They do NOT have the right to infringe on my rights and impose their dislike of something in a manner in which it prevents me.  From absolute closed mindedness, to outright deception, these ladies are really blurring the line of sensibility and respect for others.

Source of my ravings here:  NYT Busts Bloomberg Anti-Gun Group For Fabricating Open Carry Texas Story | The Dana Show.

Authored By Halon330 Remember, I'm not crazy, just extremely sincere!