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New machine guns may be available again!

I’ve been following a phenomenon for awhile now, and it appears things are going in a great direction.  With the allowance of unincorporated trusts to own items that fall under NFA purview, determinations on key definitions seemingly have created an opportunity for new full auto weapons to be owned by trusts.  Although since 1986 the NFA has prevented all new full auto weapons to only be made for government use, causing Americans to trade around only the weapons that were legally manufactured, owned and registered prior to passage of NFA in 1986.

Recently a gentleman submitted a Form 1 to create a new machine gun owned by his trust, which by ATF definition is not a person but an entity and not subject to the same requirements as a person.  His tax stamp was approved.  Now the ATF is backpedaling a bit and the gentleman is going to fight the good fight for all of our benefits.

I am going to immediately submit a form 1 for the creation of a new full auto weapon and see where it goes.  I’m almost certain it will be disapproved initially, but depending on how the court case goes that denial may be overturned.  I am also going to donate to the legal fund.  Since this fight would benefit all gun enthusiasts I strongly urge anyone who can to follow suit.

All the details on the ongoing battle can be found in this thread on

Details on how to submit a form 1 are here.  Note you will need a firearm that you are willing to convert.  You have to have the firearm’s details as part of the submission.  Also, you will need to have an NFA gun trust.  You can find assistance setting up a trust from many lawyers or online services. is fairly common and competitively priced.

To donate to the legal fund, please go here.  I cannot stress how helpful any amount you could contribute would be.  A win on this would plummet the cost of existing transferable machine guns, and make the cost of new ones just an extra $100-$200 above current costs.  If would enable the average gun owner to enjoy the same freedoms as those with much higher disposable income levels.  As most full auto transferable weapons are currently running at minimum $15,000 to $20,000.

Maybe is we can get a win here it will pave way for ridding ourselves of the NFA.  I cannot see that it does anything to improve the safety of Americans.  The items are still available, it just increases the cost and availability of many items.  I see no reason that suppressors should be regulated so strictly.  I would love to be able to deer hunt without deafening myself.



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The Ultimate Finish – MBest11x

So if any of you have not heard of MBest11x, or Art15 Clothing, you are in for a wonderful evening of laughter.  He recently released a new video.  This one is much shorter than some of his earlier stuff, but made for one hell of a LOL.  This video is probably NSFW for most of us.  Not recommended for young impressionable viewers etc.

If you have not seen his other videos I recommend popping some popcorn and spending some time on youtube with his channel.


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Gander Mountain Rant!

So I found this little gem from the internet on TFB.  Link to TFB article here:   Customer Experience at Gander Mountain – The Firearm Blog.

I almost fell out of my chair laughing at this guy.  Many valuable points about where big box retail has taken gun sales.  I often find myself in one of the giant stores because of the large inventory they have that I can handle and lust over.  Then the guy that handed me the firearm opens his pie hole.  I try to spend my money at locally owned smaller stores.  Many times they have to order my particular desire, but it keeps the money local, and the additional service associated with the mom and pop stores makes it worth the short weight and sometimes additional cost.

Either way, enjoy this guys rant about the idiocy he encountered at a Gander Mountain.

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DPC introduces the Ultimate Hi-Point

This is one of the funniest video’s I have seen in quite some time.  The guys at Dynamic Pie Concepts always have their own personal flare.  Here they custom shop a $100 high point into a $4k pistol.  Spec’s may be better than the original, but I’m sure that the following saying holds true for this experiment.  “You can put a hog in a silk dress, but you would still just have a hog in a silk dress.”

Either way, this is entertaining.  I almost fell out of my chair laughing at about 21-22 seconds when they pull the slide off and pieces fall out everywhere.  Take a look and enjoy a laugh

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Finally picked up an XDs!

So I’ve been scouring local, and a few remote gun shops looking for either a Springfield XDs or Beretta Nano.  After speaking with mutiple sources I was leaning heavily towards the Springfield.  I knew I wanted the 9mm, and since the 4″ barrel model came out, I’ve been drawn to that model.

From initial handling, I’m beginning the question the 4″ barrel over the 3.3″ barrel model.  I decided to purchase a smaller pistol for those times I want something more easily concealed.  I am fully aware that I will not be shooting the gun in self defense at distances longer than a 3.3″ barrel is capable of, however I do like the longer sight radius the 4″ barrel provides.

Since I initially found difficulty in locating a 4″ model in stock, I had only handled the 3.3″ models.  Now that I have a 4″ model, it feels very top or nose heavy.  I don’t remember feeling this with the 3.3″ models I have handled.  I can say that once the longer of the two included magazines are installed, this feeling goes away as I can get the entirety of my bear paw on the pistol.  I’m also noticing that the weight of loading one of the magazines also makes it feel much better balanced.

It comes with the standard compliment of gear from Springfield.  Pistol, 7 round magazine, 9 round magazine, cleaning brush, cable lock, two mag holder, paddle holster, different sized backstrap, and allen key to adjust the mag holder and holster.  I know none of this extra swag is market leading gear, but it is definitely an added value to the consumer.  I have heard the jerks that find something to complain about no matter what the situation.  “I would rather pay less, or have a better pistol than get cheap stuff I’m not going to use anyway.”  I think that is ridiculous.  The included gear is useful.  The average gun owner will find it very well suited to their needs.  With adjustable retention, I find both the mag holder and the weapon holster well suited to long term use.  Honestly, I rarely carry spare mags, and I find that leather holsters are much more comfortable, but find having the availability of these items extremely useful.

When taking friends to the range, when by myself at the range using multiple guns, I find the paddle holsters easy to change without fiddling with my belt.  Pass gun and holster to a friend.  I’m not a fan of shoving a weapon halfway into my pocket to reload a magazine.  Why not take the extra swag and be happy to have it.  Many may be on a budget that after purchasing a pistol may not have the option of additional purchases to be able to carry the firearm.  The cost of differentiating the stock to a with and without extras is probably higher than the cost of including it with all.  At the volume being produced, I would imagine Springfield is getting excellent price per piece on the XD gear items.

I didn’t get to shoot it after work yesterday due to a close friend being involved in a motorcycle wreck.  Not sure if I will have the opportunity to shoot it until this weekend or not.  I can say that once I have an opportunity to spend some time at the range with my new pistol, I will post a full write up and review.  I’m going to attempt to get a few others involved in the review so we can get multiple points of view.  I know what I like and dislike varies from others, so If I can provide more insight than just my own, then the information offered becomes more meaningful.

On a final note I would like to thank the guys over at Ace Firearms in Easley, SC for the great deal they gave me on this pistol.  I won’t post the price without getting their permission, but after they found out I am a Veteran they made me an excellent deal.  I regularly make rounds to most of the shops in the Greenville and Spartanburg Areas, and never knew they existed.  I was looking at gunbroker ads and saw this pistol in Easley, looked them up and stopped by the store.  They are a great group of guys and I really enjoyed speaking with them and browsing their shop.  They can be found at:

Ace Firearms
116 Kay Drive, Suite B
Easley, SC 29640
(864) 509-6100


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White House Petitions for Changes to NFA

I have lost all faith in the current administration to act on the demands of citizens.  I know that is the basic principle our once great nation was founded on.  I just no longer have faith.  I do however support what these petitions are requesting, have signed them, and hope you will as well.

Remove the need for citizens to register a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) with the ATF, paying a $200 tax stamp.

Remove suppressors as an NFA regulated item.

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Wilson Combat Announces Custom Beretta® 92/96 Work and Accessories

Wilson Combat | Custom Beretta® 92/96 Work and Accessories.

Wilson combat announced they are getting into the Beretta 92/96 market.  They have a full offering of parts and custom work available.  Wilson Combat is known for quality and innovation.  I’m certain this will produce some handsome guns that operate flawlessly.  Can’t wait to see some of these start showing up in shops and shows so I can drool over them.

I was never a true believer in the M9 until I was issued one for use in Afghanistan.  Even in that powdery dust bowl the M9 was always reliable and accurate.  First thing I bought when I got home was an M9.  It’s a great platform and my only complaint to this day is as with any other DA/SA pistol.  The stiff DA first shot.  Some work and spring changes can greatly reduce that first trigger pull, and until I started shooting Springfield XDm’s that was the norm for me.  Although I use XDm for competitions and most of my drills, I still love to take my M9 out for a range day.

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Heizer Defense PAR1 (Pocket AR)

Link to manufacturer site:  Heizer Defense – Tactical Firearms Manufacturing.

Caution, their site is about as useful as this pistol will be.

They are producing a single shot, breech action, snub nose pocket pistol chambered in .223 Rem.  I’ve yet to figure out why.  They are claiming almost 1500 FPS from a 55grain projectile.  I would also assume it is equally used as a flame thrower once the bullet leaves the miniature barrel.

Standard .223 Rem ammunition is designed to burn for about 21″ of barrel.  Hence why current carbine length AR15’s with 16″ barrels produce such a muzzle flash.  This should be infinitely brighter and I also hypothesize extremely loud.

This came to light after someone who works there said maybe we could sale some of these single shot breech .410/.45LC if we converted them to .223Rem!  I don’t see a market for either.

I don’t have a problem with pocket pistols.  Carry them myself sometimes for convenience, however I choose to carry a pocket pistol that hold more than a single round, and is capable of firing that round without incapacitating myself.

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